The Diddy Laugh is a very commonly used sound effect which often appears in TV, radio and film. When I hear it, it is like being hit in the ears with an iron. I like to point it out to people, who usually look blankly at me. Now I pass this affliction on to you.

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Steve Paget.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Trailer for Woman in Black: Angel of Death

I enjoyed the first Woman in Black. It wasn't shockingly original, but seemed to combine the horror staples in a suitably creepy way.
So, for the sequel, it seems reasonable to show us the same creepy dolls and rocking chair moving on its own again.

But using the Diddy Laugh seems to remove the scares for me. This trailer makes a real feature of it. Twice! The first one is at 1 minute and 17 seconds